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Joe & Michelle.  Pennsylvania.  Reading to be exact.

Grumpy Baby. Looked like old man. Ghostbusters.

Wanted to be Egon. Bro was born. Played sports.

Loved the Phillies. Lil bro #2 was born. Bunk sharing...keep your legs in your lane!   

More sports. Sister was born.

That makes 4. Make that, two bunks. Still, love those rascals.

Got smitten with a girl. Then another one.....Then another

one. Got a snowboard. Didn’t know how to ride. But I

learned. Persistence.


Diner coffee with Pop Pop.  Learned "RMA," or the right.mental.attitude. 

Kissed Ginger Spice…she thought

I was Aussie..HA! yeah right. Made “premier” soccer team…

then got humbled quickly. Acted. Found my first love. Got

heart-broken. Made my escape.  Travel, of course. California.

Scored a touchdown. Ran some races. They called me

‘tosy. Graduation. Learned about tenacity. Pittsburgh.

Hello new life. Pi Lam. Dirk Diggler. Girlfriend. London.

Italia. Conclave. Then heartbroken…again. Shit. Will I

ever figure this out?


Sam Shepard.... So intimate.  So visceral.  He helped me find myself.

Studied for law school. Ego got in the way.   Keep your eye on the prize, Michael. 

Booked some work. Found some work. New York. Boston. Toronto. Miami.

Chicago. Dallas. Denver.  San Francisco. Oye vey. Vegas. Portland.  Then you happened. 


Married my bestie.  We created the most beautiful boy I've ever met.  Found my heart beat.

Good bye Pop.  Grateful he got to meet you once.  How about them Phillies? 

The adventure continues and unfolds. 

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